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Being the Founder of "The Stanvard Sr. Sec. School" I hold the responsibility of patronizing & encouraging the young minds of The Stanvard School, So that they can confront all the aspects of life with zeal and enthusiasm. To us your child is unique and we are committed to groom your ward into a strong and disciplined individual, who will excel in academics as well as in all sorts of other co-curricular activities and will shape them out as leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow. The Students of this school will be a righteous human being who have full and unshakable respect and faith towards the rich profile, splendid culture and great legacy of India. We look forward to welcome your child to The Stanvard Sr. Sec. School, Udaipur

Mr. Madan Lal Mundra
Founder - Director

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I extend my heartiest greetings and welcome you for enrollment of your ward in The Stanvard Sr. Sec. School. This school is committed to adopt all new innovations done by the various scholars around the world provided that innovations in teaching and learning methods are fruitful to our students. This school believes that the parents money should be spent wisely and whatever being committed by the school, will be sincerely followed by the school administration. I want to quote by the famous speech of Mr. Bill Clinton (Ex-President of USA) as he said "I have seen Indian talent working in America and there are about 600 companies owned by the Indian-Americans in the silicon valley. If that talent becomes the guiding force of india, India will become the super power in the coming generations." The Stanvard Sr. Sec. School aims to be the school of excellence rated among the best school of the country, dedicated to produce leaders of the future. Stanvard teaching pattern develops both the left and right brains comprehensively, improves concentrations, memory, observation power and also develops imaginations, creative thinking, logical and reasoning ability. I hope, with the combined efforts of our team, goodwill of our friends and blessing of our patrons, this school will continue to evolve. A cordial welcome awaits you.

Er. Satya Prakash Mundra
B.E., M.B.A.

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An extraordinary teacher, a good motivator and a tough administrator has experience of more than 20 years in the field of education. A renowned teacher of Accountancy who taught more than 3000 students out of which 100 students have become CA & CS and lot of students are very successful entrepreneurs at present.
My sole motto is to empower multi-dimensional development of students, this can only be possible in a holistic, student centric environment, so that after completing their education they contribute to the family as well as society & nation.
I help students in developing those skills which are required in difficult situations & most important I with my team is fully devoted to the organisation in every manner with great zeal and enthusiasm.I congratulate the staff and students for their hard work and look forward to welcome your child at The Stanvard Sr. Sec. School family.

Prahlad Singh Shekhawat
M.Com, B.Ed