Key Learning


We use basic phonetic sounds as the base for learning. The primary goal of this technique is not only to teach pupil to read, but to help each individual to enrich and refine the ability to express, communicate and understand expressions. The reading and writing program begins with the basic phonetic sounds. After learning the sounds, the child read and writes phonetic words. Later, we work on phonograms, a combination of letters that make a different sound, such as th, sh,cha etc. Students are taught through a special course for English language designed by " Central Institute for English & Foreign Language" (CIEFL) by using its Audio cassettes and published materials. The idea is to prepare students by the best of techniques and latest aids, so that the student of this school remains always be ahead in all fields. The School follows a methodology that combines the best of " mainstream" and "innovative" methods, as follows:


A Most important learning method, that requires students to research, analyse, document and present their learning of a particular concept to their peers and teachers. This method develops the child's language, inter-personal skills, reasoning and analytical skills as well as communication and presentation skills.


A very important "mainstream" method. Classroom teaching is used for the whole-class teaching. It imbibes in students a strong sense of group accomodation so well as constructive and positive approach.


This method helps to internalize educational concepts by actually putting them into practice. This method develops child's observation and critical faculties.


The most effective learning happens when you can teach it to someone else. Based on this principle, older students are asked to teach their younger ones, whether it is explaining rules of a game, a concept of science, a moral of a story or a physical skill.


In today's world art, music, dance and drama are no longer fringe subjects but challenging and fulfilling career options. At this school these subjects are taught as part of the integrated curriculum. We aim to leave no stone unturned in providing your child a delightful, complete and well-rounded schooling experience.


The school has invested in multimedia computers and number of educational software to supplement the main curriculum. The school has a proper building, with spacious & airy classrooms to ensure a healthy and conducive atmosphere for learning along with playground with suitable equipments.


Development of child's physical health is an essential part of education at this school. Students are required to spend time every day on physical activities such as Yoga, Surya Namaskar, Games, Physical Exercise or Aerobics. Once a term, Students' camp ( Sanskar Shivir) is organised outside the city environment to develop the self- confidence and self-dependence in the students.


These activities form integral part of school education. These activities have been planned meticulously and graded to suit the interest of different age groups. Inter- class and Inter-House competitions are organised quite regularly in Recitation, Elocution, Story Telling, Story Writing, Music, Dance, Drama Quiz etc. Besides numerous outdoor sporting activities . Therefore each and every student is required to take part in the same