A very important "mainstream" method. Classroom teaching is used for the whole-class teaching. It imbibes in students a strong sense of group accomodation as well as constructive and positive approach


This method helps to internalize educational concepts by actually putting them into practice. This method develops child's observation and critical faculties.


The most effective learning happens when you can teach it to someone else. Based on this principle, older students are asked to teach their younger ones.

What We Offer

Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.

Audio - Visual aids, ultra modern teaching aids.

Rich Library.

A good computer lab.

Dramatisation & story telling.

Structured conversation on different topics.

Sports,Games & Fun activities.

Aerobics & Yoga.

Martial Arts

Belief in parental involvement in education.

English spoken classes.

Picnics & Educational Visits at Historical Places and Industries.

Parents - teachers meeting (PTM) after every exams.

Giving chance to every student on stage by various activities and celebrating Annual Function every Year.

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Welcome to The Stanvard School

This school is a co- educational english medium school, which was part of " Saraswati Niketan Institution" created to provide children with the highest quality and no- compromise education that will be the basis of their over-all development and competency for the rest of their lives. This educational institution is run by " Udaipur Shiksha Samiti" established in the year 1965 with the sole motto of creating citizens who have strong faith in Indian traditions and its great cultural heritage, who has courage to work and die for the cause of the nation and mankind.This time we have four branches , in which more than 3000 students are studying.

Language Development

Project Base Learning

Class Room Teaching

Hands-on Experiences

Teaching as Learning

Outdoor Learning

Teaching Your Child Some Good Manners

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